Neighbours helping Neighbours

highJinx is a little shop that does a whole lot more than just finds and resells great vintage and antique pieces. Karen and Leigh support the most vulnerable in our Community through our highJinx Initiative which is a not for profit funded by the sales of the oddities and kitsch. We host a free meal every Friday, there's a free furniture bank in our basement, a Community Pantry is in the corner to help feed our Neighbours and there's a Free Shelf of goodies at the front door. We house the homeless, visit the sick, support seniors, provide harm reduction strategies, feed those that can't cook, suggest referrals, advocate, give the hard truth, bake birthday cakes, reunite families......and stand up when others stand down.

Help us help. Let's help our Neighbours and have a hell of a time doing it! Come check us out, you'll enjoy the antics and antiques!!


Proceeds from the items below will go directly to highJinx through a secure credit card payment.
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