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Need roommate
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Family we are in TO and have parent that has a bit of a dementia like and ABDL symptoms.He lives on own renting small place from lady. He was under a FLR like relationship and is like a teenager in mind. He is supposed to be doing gym weekly and due to the slight Dementia and teenage like mind he forgets sometimes to go. she was a very assertive disciplined like woman and make sure he goes.She is now passed on and like to find a similar like gaymale instead that would provide a furnished or none furnished room. He is fully capable of doing all in home chores from washing to dishes.Pet care ,computers, general cleaning.He had a structured daily chores around house. Now due to not being under supervision all these things have now vanished and we cannot be there to get him to go out to the appointments. He is missing the structure needed. Like to find a mature firm sort of male that is familiar with adults with some child like behaviors that can provide a in home proper environment with rules and you would be in some ways a guardian like figure. Although legally fully on own and can cope fully . .He was evaluated and can be on his own fully. However is gayvirgin and the mentality of a fem male in interests that way. He was made to wear cross dressed clothes in home. Or walk around in little clothing for her. Due to his dementia like forgetting somethings he may get up and walk around little clothed. He is very overstimulated and we like to find male understand that and can be firm more disciplinarian like male if he is not doing as requested. He is clean and make very good in home domestic.He understands there is rules and if not follow consequences and will follow your directions. He is early fifty but looks like 40 or so. He is very tiny , blond blue eyes, no gray and tiny 5.4. He can pout and and we prefer a muscular firm like male have no issue discipline if needed, a few appointments a month is all the care on your end required. Otherwise he spends most of his time in room. And no maintenance needed of any sort. Cannot pay a fortune due to on pension but he will provide some steady income to home and will keep place clean and can help you if handicap etc and useful for groceries to other chores. hopefully can find good place. 0 visits

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November 12, 2020
December 14, 2020
January 13, 2021
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