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$12,345 · Patio stones and hardscape for sale

Patio stones / hardscape and some gravel for sale. *Newer breakdown of stones below. I replaced a patio with a new one at another property, these are all the old ones. Excellent condition, some different sizes and types, but all the same color, will help load. Could be great for a small to medium size project, some anchors also for multilevel use. Three piles (measurements are accurate as I could get them) Pile 1 (pic 4)(miscellaneous) 2 long ones – Length 14.75 inches, Height 4 inches, Depth 3.75 inches 2 shorter ones – Lengths are 7 inches and 8 inches, Height 4 inches, Depth 3.75 2 other stones – Lengths are 6 inches and 7.75, Height is 9 inches, Depth 3.75 Pile 2 (Pic 1,2,5,6) (the ones closest to the gate / top row) all the same type and size, some no feet 4 medium stones – missing feet – Length 14 inches, Height 9 inches, Depth 3.75 inches 14 medium stones – with feet – same as above (the ones on the bottom row) all the same type, all have feet 19 medium to larger stones – all have feet – Length 11 inches, Height 9 inches, Depth 3.75 inches Pile 3 (Pic 3) *Similar in size but not all the same measurements or dimensions but close. Was a circular patio before. *17 larger stones (as of April 21)– Length 15.5 inches or less, approx., Height 12 inches, Depth 3.75 inches 3 larger miscellaneous stones in picture– Length of 2 is 12 inches each, length of other is 11 inches, Height 12 inches, Depth is 3.75 inches. Rough breakdown of what's available / prices Gravel piles 2 x $60 each (pic 7,8) Patio stones $2.50 - $4.50 each (smaller - larger). Some of the stones are the same size / type, but have had the little feet part at the bottom removed. To make easier, please let me know which picture in the ad you are interested in for ease of communication. Thank you Darryl Feel free to view my other ads

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August 25, 2020
May 1, 2021
May 31, 2021
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